The process of Circulware and how new product concepts can create circular business!

The creation and future of Circulware and the collaboration between Haval and GBO innovation makers. A duopresentation by Joyce van Grinsven, New Business Developer, GBO Innovation Makers and Erwin Van Limpt,Entrepreneur at Haval / CEO Circulware.

Joyce states that Innovation drives her and especially innovation that makes the world a little bit better!

Modular and circular products in all kinds of industries have great potential in her view. It is becoming more and more measurable when something is truly sustainable and better choices can be made on that basis. She thinks this is the starting point for upcoming trends.

About Joyce van Grinsven
She Graduated in 2022 at Avans University of Applied Sciences for the study Business Innovation.
A study which has the focus on the creation of innovation and how to implement it in an organisation.

About GBO Innovation Makers
Founded in 1990 and rooted in product development, we have grown into a full-service design agency that focuses on the entire product development spectrum, including the delivery of products.

We operate across three countries with an awesomely creative team of 30+ Innovation makers. Driven by our core values Dynamic, Inspiring, and Craftmanschip, we strive for continuous innovation.

The current economic, sociological and technological developments requires a flexible attitude combined with a strong sense of direction. GBO Innovation makers is active in different sectors and we are constantly improving our services within this competitive environment.

We inspire with new innovations packed in appealing designs. Challenging the client’s ambitions in search for the best solution is our second nature. With a balanced team of young and experienced innovation makers, we combine design skills with engineering capabilities.

30 years of experience provides us with craftsmanship to deliver the three basic elements of a successful product: Producible, appealing, and functional. Within our workflow, all activities are organized into seven stages. Leading from the initial idea to a final product delivery.

For more information go to the website.

Joyce van Grinsven will present this together with Erwin Van Limpt, Entrepreneur at Haval / CEO Circulware at the 2023 edition of the Circular Chemistry Conference which takes place at the Center Court of the Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

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