Blue Plastics – Part of the solution to end plastic waste, starting with transport packaging

Sustainable Recycling to enable circular use of Plastics. We, a Dutch startup have the aim to make a difference in the world of plastic recycling. We developed a scalable washing process for polymers that uses a biodegradable solvent which is more effective and energy efficient than any of the existing water wash processes.

A presentation by Stephan Damer, CEO at Blue Plastics.

With Blue Plastics we really can make a difference in plastic recycling! All the experiences i have gathered in my life all of a sudden make more sense as they have prepared me it for making this a success and it all comes together now. We work to make world a better place for the next generations.

With Blue Plastics we currently have to focus – we have a small team and too many solutions to work on – so we have chosen the transport packaging as a start – these packages have the highest co2 footprint of all plastic use – making that circular means we can have real impact. But more to come: other polymers / other solvents / sorting techniques etc etc. Blue1 recycling plant is a start but for sure not the end.

About Stephan Damer
Stephan Damer holds more than 30 years of experience in the plastics field and has extensive international executive experience in polymers, licensing, sales optimization, branding and KPI gating. He has an extensive network with plastic convertors and recyclers in the EU. He has extended experience in technology licensing working for DSM-stamicarbon (as Licensing Manager) and SABIC (VP licensing). Organising for success and business process design has been sharpened while shaping the polyolefins sales organization of DSM towards the SABIC sales organization. Prior to his current function he has been Business Manager for TCR plastics preparing for growth.

About Blue Plastics
Blue Plastics is an startup founded in the Netherlands and has developed revolutionary mechanical recycling technology. main achievement is the CBT clean blue tec washing technology that uses solvents to clean the polymer in the mechanical recycling. The surface of the polymer is cleaned while the polymer is not affected and in that way can be reused in similar applications as it was used before becoming waste . Read more on the website.

Stephan Damer is speaker at the 2023 edition of the Circular Chemistry Conference which takes place at the Center Court of the Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

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