The Conference takes place at the Center Court.

09:3010:00Registration and Coffee
Moderator: Pieter Hermans, Jakajima
10:0510:15Opening and introduction
Lia Voermans, Managing Director, Brightlands Circular Space
Session title: Overall view
10:1510:40The key role of waste management industry for a sustainable circular economy by Paolo Campanella, Technical Officer, FEAD, European Waste Management Association
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Panel Discussion
Kim Meulenbroeks, Manager Product Development, Renewi Nederland
Marc Spekreijse, Managing Director, Circular Plastics NL
11:1511:40Dilemmas in sustainable packaging by Rob Verhagen, Sustainability Director & change agent for sustainable and circular (packaging) solutions, OPACKGROUP / Steering Committee Member, European Plastics Converters | EuPC
Session title: Business Models
11:4012:05Blue Plastics – Part of the solution to end plastic waste, starting with transport packaging by Stephan Damer, CEO, Blue Plastics
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12:0512:30The process of Circulware and how new product concepts can create circular business!
A Duopresentation by Joyce van Grinsven, New Business Developer, GBO Innovation Makers, Read more...
Erwin Van Limpt, CEO / Founder, Circulware,
12:3013:50Lunch Break and Networking
13:5014:15The role of a Digital Product Passport within Recycling by Mesbah Sabur, Founder, Circularise
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Session title: Sorting
14:1514:40Design for Disassembly: engineering polymers to drive circularity in fashion by Acerina Trejo Machin, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Resortecs
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14:4015:05ChipSense: A tiny Photonic sensor for material classification by Maurangelo Petruzzella, Managing Director, Mantispectra.
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15:0515:35Coffee Break and Networking
Session title: Washing
15:3516:00Upwash, a decontamination technology for mixed plastic wastes.
A Duopresentation by Pedro Abelha, Scientific Researcher and Project Manager, TNO Energy & Materials Transition unit, Read more...
Rinke Altink, Program Manager, Brightsite Plastic recycling and Biobased feedstocks, Read more...

16:0016:25Hendré Vos, Managing Partner, Refresh Plastics
Session title: Startup Pitches
16:2516:50Ai4Mat: AI solution for mechanical recycling by Arash Sarhangi, Founder, AI4mat

Energy-efficient recycling of waste diapers by Melvin Kizito, Founder, Alkyl Recycling
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Advanced solvent-based technology for the closed-loop recycling of engineering plastics by Norbert Fraunholcz, Founder and Managing Director, ReSolved Technologies BV.
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Machine learning assisted leak-free circular plastic packaging design from post-consumer waste by Yibo Su, Scientist, Brightlands Materials Center
16:5017:30Drinks and Networking